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Ok. The obligatory show pitch, in hopes that you'll all come and grace my with your loveliness. Now remember, if Kim can make it from Orangeville-bumfuck-nowhere type area, you can make it from where ever it is in the GTA you are watching America's Next Top Model from.

note to self: stop being mean to people you want to come see you play.

starting again,

Hello all you lovely, sexy, wonderful beings.

The Whoremoans are playing tomorrow (Friday) night
...short notice I know, but it's FREE
at the AGO, 8pm
I'll buy muffins.

Also, in the sameish time block,

The Whoremoans are playing the Drake Hotel
Sunday, April 30th
FREEEEEEEEEE's a zine fair

and last but CERTAINLY not least,

The Whoremoans AND Carmen Elle will hit up the Gladstone
Monday, May 1st
drs, 8:30
it's a book launch, so bands don't go on until approx. 9:30
free as well, i believe.
and so, so worth it.
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