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oh, the humanity

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11/8/06 01:45 pm

It's been a shamefully long time since I've posted anything here...livejournal just seems like a bastardized form of expression to me right now...writing things for the sole purpose of garnering comments... and on THAT note...

I'm playing a show...and it's kinda important to me...and I've decided to do some last minute publicizing just for the hell of it.


The show is tomorrow night (Thursday Nov. 9) at Holy Joe's with Oscar Brown.

Uh...that's it, I guess. How is everyone?

6/22/06 03:28 pm


i HATE HATE HATE young drivers!!!

they have this dumbfukt "drive fit" congitive cd-rom thing you HAVE to complete in order to get your license and the stupid fucker doesn't seem to want to validate my internet connection even though i am CLEARLY connected e.g i'm writing this bloody entry!

ack! bollocks!

not to mention the course is TWELVE HOURS LONG!!!

how is that supposed to sharpen my driving reflexes? i think it'll most likely send me into a stupor.

So now i need to phone my YD center and get 'Shane' to take my ID number, which is like, 15 numbers long, and give me a password so i can work on the fucker offline even though HELLO! - I AM CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET!

but here's the thing- shane has been on his "half an hour break' SINCE NOON!!!

buggery bollocks.

6/11/06 11:44 am

So...the Sherbourne Health Clinic is having it's Annual General Meeting and they're paying $100 frickin' dollars (!!!) to play one song...Now I'm trying to decide on a song to play...It has to be 'family friendly' with no overt mention of politics, drugs, profanity, sex etc...so basically all of my songs are ok to play...rock and roll...any suggestions? I'd like to play something catchy enough to stick in the ol' noggin after only playing one song, but also easy enough to sing and feel confident about straight out of the gate

6/5/06 11:50 am

i miss stallion...

6/4/06 10:51 am

Previously, I have done those posts where I put up a handful of shows that are coming up for both myself and the Whoremoans and pray that people will show up based soley on the post. Now, however, I am getting much, much too lazy and there are too many shows to put up. So I will now beg: Please, please, please check my myspace if you want to know when a show is coming up. Becuase I haven't quite gotten it into my head yet that in order for people to come to shows I must actually INFORM them that they indeed do exist.

www.myspace.com/carmenelle is the link...there are also some demo tracks up there that are bound to change sometime. Presumably when Edgar and I are getting along.

P.S there are nearly a dozen shows in June...I expect to see y'all at at least a few.

5/19/06 10:28 am

motherfucking goddamn. clafouti fired me for calling in sick with a flu i might mention my MANAGER gave to me in the first place!

i hate working.

my mother and i are going to montreal on sunday to escape the clutches of my father, briefly. to ensure i don't have a really good time entirely without him, he has requested i buy myself something "from" him while i'm there.

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. you know?

5/14/06 11:06 pm

I'm hemorrhaging stress.

4/27/06 09:13 pm

Ok. The obligatory show pitch, in hopes that you'll all come and grace my with your loveliness. Now remember, if Kim can make it from Orangeville-bumfuck-nowhere type area, you can make it from where ever it is in the GTA you are watching America's Next Top Model from.

note to self: stop being mean to people you want to come see you play.

starting again,

Hello all you lovely, sexy, wonderful beings.

The Whoremoans are playing tomorrow (Friday) night
...short notice I know, but it's FREE
at the AGO, 8pm
I'll buy muffins.

Also, in the sameish time block,

The Whoremoans are playing the Drake Hotel
Sunday, April 30th
...it's a zine fair

and last but CERTAINLY not least,

The Whoremoans AND Carmen Elle will hit up the Gladstone
Monday, May 1st
drs, 8:30
it's a book launch, so bands don't go on until approx. 9:30
free as well, i believe.
and so, so worth it.

4/24/06 11:50 am

I have a headache, but I feel great.
This month has been super productive in terms or playing shows and getting over stagefright (which is alot better than it used to be)
I also decided to QUIT ANXIETY! Yes, it sounds bizarre and totally sodomized in the brain but I deemed anxiety unacceptable about a week ago and haven't experienced any thus far (and I'm quitting gum and vicks)

Another thing I'm quitting is...THE FILM BUFF!

gotta love the upswing.

4/5/06 07:17 pm

Now, for those of you who have sold your souls to myspace, I finally have some songs posted! Thank whatever omnipotent presence helped me out on that one. And my mom now has a myspace, so show some love.
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